Classic molding can support your tooling needs within our tooling workshop.  Our engineering team has extensive experience working with a variety of tooling types for use with thermoplastics.  Classic Molding maintains all its own presses and equipment, ensuring the product’s quality prior to delivery.

Our ability to work with your tooling designs in-house means we can complete customer projects faster, with greater customization capabilities.

  • Tools are set up and optimized for manufacturing
  • Design changes can be addressed at our workshop before or during the manufacturing stage
  • Molds are serviced, stored and modified as needed in our workshop

Classic Molding works with many styles of product molds, commonly running:

  • Hot and cold feed systems
  • Loose core
  • Automatic screw systems
  • Three-plate molds
  • Valve gated molds
  • Other mold varieties

Classic’s tooling workshop offers a level of insurance for our customers because we can work with existing molds to make changes or repairs as needed, thereby eliminating disruption within the overall production process.