Snack Chip Pusher System

Retailers across the country stock a new snack-chip-inventory merchandising system that other manufacturers refused to make.

We Meet Complex Design Challenges with a Quick Turn Around

We Are Prepared to Meet Your Challenges

This year retailers across the country will stock new snack chip inventory on a merchandising system that other manufacturers refused to make. Most felt the job was too complicated to manufacture given the combination of material, part geometries, and timeline for delivery. We accepted this challenge knowing it was going to be difficult but knew with our resources, technology, and industry knowledge we could create a production plan that worked.

The project showcases the capabilities of all our resources in tooling, engineering, and manufacturing.
  • The merchandising system is a transparent, polycarbonate material, chosen because of its durability. Our team identified a process that ensured the tool was correctly buffed to render the right finish for the design.
  • Because of the many undercuts and thin part walls in the tool, our engineering team spent many hours running mold flow simulations to identify optimal gating to balance the tool and minimize high cavity pressure areas.
  • The molding process required the use of a compound with a very high melt-flow. We work with numerous suppliers and have no problems finding the raw materials needed to meet delivery.
  • We’re able to accommodate flexible delivery programs. Final inventory can be prepped to ship to both product distribution centers, as well as direct-to-store locations – a service many high-volume manufacturers don’t offer.