Classic Molding is ISO 9001 Certified and able to accommodate most any production project, from simple to highly complex parts.  Our specialty is quick-production of injection-molded plastics along with secondary services like insert molding, over-molding, plastic component assembly and pad printing.

Our facility houses a variety of equipment with presses ranging from 28 – 500 tons.  Our warehouse space accommodates staged project management for palletized shipments, prepared and shipped just-in-time, direct to store.

Full-production capabilities – a reliable single-source supplier

  • Hand and mechanical assembly
  • In/offline plastic component assembly
  • Decorating Injection molding
  • Robotic molding machinery
  • Full on-site assembly services: bagging, labels, and part kitting for shipment


Automation equipment improves safety, delivery-time, and reduces costs

Our plants have added twelve REP and five Desma rubber presses, along with two Toshiba plastics presses to our inventory, adding to the over 150 pieces of molding equipment that range in scale from 10 to 565 tons.  Our production line includes five fully-automated plastic molding presses and before the end of 2018, we will add semi-automation modules to many pieces of existing equipment. Finally, our facilities house over seventy pieces of secondary equipment for trimming, deflashing, parts inspection, chemical priming, die-cutting, drying and more.

See Automation of  Assembly of Plastic Lenses Inserted Into Housings